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Competitor Intelligence Portal construction service; populated with live content

  • Aggregates outputs (past / present) from all Competitive Intelligence activity (secondary & primary) into one manageable Portal
  • Retrieves content not only from TSW’s Competitive Intelligence activity but also any other commercial or non-commercial source
  • Shares available CI to all authorised business users from high level strategic information; drilled down to detail of competitors’ products / services, prices etc .
  • All content browse able by key topics to provide instant competitor insight (by sector; by product; by country; by application etc).
  • Alert functions ensure users get updated automatically on personal interest topics.
  • World class text search technology provides answers instantly.
  • Predictive & Proactive – ‘anticipates the questions’ – reduces time pressure on in-house CI department to resolve queries
  • Displays latest information - maintained and refreshed monthly – with ‘updates’ feature for news alerts
  • Self-sufficient from mainstream IT business architecture – either externally hosted or transferrable to in-house intranet – affordable and easy to train

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