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At The Strategy Works we specialise in aligning competitor profiling with customer insight with to gain business advantage. We have an in-depth understanding of B2B strategy and the commercial and technical market drivers that influence customer behaviour throughout the supply chain. Our fully integrated product menu includes:

At The Strategy Works B2B marketing / sales intelligence is our core business discipline it is not an add-on to other consultancy work.

Our virtual structure offers clients the twin advantages of a controlled cost structure and the deployment of consultants who are experts in their field − our business model can be rapidly ramped-up or downsized. Our team of senior consultants is underpinned by an extensive network of desk researchers and interviewers located globally. Established 25 years ago in 1993, The Strategy Works have completed multiple projects in a range of B2B sectors including Chemicals; Lubricants; Shipping; Parcels / Logistics etc

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The Strategy Works considers the compliance options available to shipping companies as the IMO 0.5% sulphur cap approaches implementation in January 2020.

Below is an excerpt from our latest opinion forming thought paper published by Marine Propulsion:

Several of our ships are already equipped with scrubbers...we believe this will give us a competitive advantage in the longer term because we can continue to use heavy fuel oil

You can read the entire article ‘‘Compliance Options Take Shape as 2020 Deadline Approaches‘‘ or you can browse the entire article library.